Have you been looking for a way to make your business stand out? Are you seeking assistance with your brand’s image? Leduc Entertainment is here to make sure that any picture that represents you and your brand says a thousand words.

The photography of your business should speak to your brand and provide a striking visual that tells a story without words. There is a lot of competition out there for the attention and wallet of the audience. Showing up consistently with professional and creative photography illustrates to your audience that your company is the one they need to pay attention to.

If you are ready to work with a company whose main objective is to make you a superstar in your industry, keep reading to learn more about what we do and why you need to give us a call for your photography services.


Advertising photography is a form of photography where the picture is offering more insight into what can be expected of the brand. Instead of focusing mainly on the product itself, it offers a glimpse into what benefits one can expect to receive and what makes it more appealing than competitors.

In short, you are giving someone the desire to make a purchase based on what the brand represents and not just the benefits that can be expected. It connects the viewer with the what they’re purchasing and the brand itself. If it conjures a mental image that elicits a positive emotion, then the advertising photography has done its job.


When it comes to any type of successful business, consistency is key, and this is precisely why good photography is essential when branding. Even if you have a recognizable logo, an aesthetically-pleasing font, and things of that nature, having everything work cohesively is a serious struggle, but it is necessary if you want others to view your brand as honest, reliable, and consistent.

There is nothing worse than believing that you are clear about what the brand is and what the company represents, only to find out later that things are not exactly as you had envisioned them. Leduc Entertainment is dedicated to using the best quality images and content to highlight all of the great things about your brand. The idea is to tell a story about who you are and what you believe in, let the consumer know how you can benefit them in some way, then have them associate positive images with your company.

This may seem very complicated, but it is simple: As long as your photos are appealing to potential customers and you let them know how you are better than your competition, there isn’t any way they will be able to pass you by without taking notice.

Here are other things to consider when it comes to understanding the importance of great brand photography:

Photos Carry Your Branding

It is not always simple to create a brand that tells a story, especially if you are only using text as a medium. When you begin using photos, it shares parts of your brand’s image that cannot be conveyed in any other manner

Conveys Tone

Trying to determine the tone someone is trying to convey through words is not always as easy as one would hope for. The great thing about pictures is that it makes it much easier to set a tone. For instance, if all of your pictures have a light, airy feel, it will be clear to them that you are far from a brooding, mysterious stranger.

Breeds Brand Familiarity

When you consistently use pictures that are telling the same story, it helps consumers become familiar with your brand and what you are offering.

Allows Customers to Know You and Your Brand and Fosters a Real Connection

This point ties in with the last since people are more likely to form connections with brands and products they are familiar with. It is not uncommon for these bonds to last many years.

Appeals to Emotion

One thing that many will always find appealing is a brand’s ability to show customers photos that will invoke all kinds of emotions. Whether it is a feeling of comfort, love, trust, or something else, making people feel something is the key to making your brand stand out.

Cheap Stock Photos Don’t Inspire Brand Loyalty

Whether you are aware of this or not, the last thing that will give someone the motivation to be brand loyal is a cheap stock photo. Not only is this showing your brand in a negative light, but it can give people the impression that your brand is not very genuine.

Increases Engagement

The more photos people see in relation to your brand, the more likely it is consumers will begin to engage with you, which is often a gateway to brand success.

Great Images Can Get You Found on the Web Through SEO

With technology changing left and right, you have probably been thinking that SEO has taken a backseat. This is not the case at all. In fact, it is more important now than it ever was and solid images can boost your rankings in search results.

They Can Go Viral

Imagine having one of your brand’s pictures go viral and people all over the world are buzzing about it. When this happens, it can bring an unlimited supply of attention to who you are and what you are offering. The better the quality of the photography, the more likely it is to become the talk of the town.


Here is a good idea of the many ways that photography can be used in marketing and advertising:

Social Media

These days, most people use some form of social media. By tapping into this and using these platforms to showcase and advertise your company, you are opening the door for more business.

Email Campaigns

A great picture can separate your email from all of the countless communications people receive in a day. We are aware that everyone doesn’t know how to correctly navigate this arena, so we are here to help. Call us if you need some assistance with this or any of our other services.

Text Campaigns

Creating solid mobile ad campaigns is not as easy as pie. For this reason, we are here to assist you every step of the way. We have helped numerous clients use texts to boost their business.


Anyone can make a website, but using the best photos means the difference between a decent business and a fantastic one. Get in touch if you need help creating a winning website.

Print Media, Like Brochures, Articles, Posters, Billboards, etc.

We know that every advertising channel counts and we can assist you in making the most of print media. Whether this means creating posters or designing billboards, we are here for all your photo marketing needs.

Online Blog Posts and Articles

Many are not aware of this, but well-written blog posts and articles are one of the key ways for a business to appeal to potential customers. We can help you decide which photos will complement your blog and fit the overall tone and the message you are trying to relay.


  • Headshots – We offer headshots for all owners and employees. It always helps to see the faces behind the businesses.
  • Office Shots – This will give everyone a good idea of your professionalism and offer them a peek into what happens behind the scenes.
  • Lifestyle Content – Whether this means pictures of you showing off your product or service, ways that what you are offering benefits others, or just giving people an idea of who you are, lifestyle photos can be the key. You have to navigate this part very carefully because it is very easy to make a critical error. Instead of taking a chance on this, you should get in touch with us at 504-451-3061 so we can discuss the best photos that will showcase your business and make it more popular than ever.
  • Product Photography – Having beautiful images of your products is essential. Even if you sell something absolutely perfect, no one will feel this way about it if all of the photos associated with it are bad-quality, off-topic, or just generally unacceptable.
  • Real Estate – Perhaps you want to show off your business from an angle so you can capture all of the architectural wonders of it. We can employ drones and have aerial photos taken that will give your company the edge.


  • This may seem like a great deal of information to digest, but the point is that we are the best ones to call when it comes to advertising photography. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that they are being captured in the best way possible. Having your photos professionally done means more than just allowing yourself a way to show off your great aesthetics; it is about giving your brand a face.

    Leduc Entertainment has assisted many clients in taking their dreams, showcasing them through the use of effective advertising photography, and becoming far better than they could have ever imagined. If you are tired of settling for less and you want to be a superstar, we can help you. The only you need to do now is get in touch with us at 504-451-3061 so we can discuss your vision and do our best to make it happen.