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Over the years, podcasting has grown in popularity. More people are listening to podcasts, and even more, are starting their podcasts shows. A statistic on Convince and Convert shows 40% of podcast listeners consume one to three podcasts in a week, while 19% of devotees listen to 11 podcasts or more.

However, there is much more to podcasting than getting a microphone and hitting the record button. To be successful at podcasting, you may need help from professional New Orleans podcast production services.

It would help if you had a well-planned strategy to create an excellent podcast. Your podcast can show people that you and your brand have interesting things to share. Podcasts are a way to connect with your listeners and them with you. But first, you may want to get expert guidance before hitting the record button.

At Leduc Entertainment, we can help you kick start your podcast career and ensure it is professionally edited and well-made. A great podcast will build your brand, form a connection with your listeners, and engage your audience.

Procuring our New Orleans podcast production services ensures you launch a great show from the get-go. Let us help make podcasting uncomplicated by helping you bring what you would like to say and your ideas together.

Do you plan to start your career in podcasting? Need help with video production services? Let Leduc Entertainment help. Our podcast production company works with you from the start to the end. Call 504-451-3061 for more information.

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What is a Podcast, and How Does it Work?

A podcast is an audio file available for download or streaming by anyone with access to the internet at no cost. Podcasts often come in different formats such as stories, chat shows, case studies, debates, interviews, and conversations. The style and length of podcasts often vary, making them a popular and versatile format. Overall, anyone with a smartphone can get quick access to a podcast.

A simple conversation is among the most common podcasts, often involving one to three people discussing a topic. The conversation is recorded, edited, then published online, and made available for individuals to listen to on their devices.

If you like a podcast, you can subscribe to it and be notified whenever a new episode is available. A podcast is a medium that is conveniently available for creators and listeners. There are several platforms where podcasters can publish their works without the subjection of approvals or regulations, as with radio or TV.

Podcasts have become on-demand audio content, transforming how people listen to audio content. More businesses worldwide incorporate podcasting into their business model to engage their audiences. There are several reasons you should consider podcasting and using professional New Orleans podcast production services, but we’ll discuss them later in the article.

Where Do People Listen to Podcasts?

A study by Statista shows that Spotify is the most common app used to listen to podcasts in the US, accounting for 25% of total podcast listeners in the country. There are several other apps and platforms that people use to listen to podcasts.

These include:

Leduc Entertainment team in meeting room discussing podcast plan concept of New Orleans podcast production services

Why Would I Want to Have a Podcast?

There are multiple reasons to start a podcast, and they are the ideal way to go. Podcasting is a large market in the audio sector. For instance, there are 75.9 million podcast listeners in the US alone. According to Statista, about 20% of individuals aged 18-34 years pay to access podcasts.

A significant number of people listen to podcasts globally. That said, if you would like to start a conversation, you need to consider doing it where people are already listening.

Here are nine compelling reasons why you should consider having a podcast:

  • Affordability: Unlike traditional mediums such as radio and TV, podcasts are more affordable as the cost per listener is lower.
  • Conversion: Podcasting helps your business get more conversions. It increases both brand loyalty and purchases in B2B and B2C marketing.
  • Growth: The last few years have seen exponential and rapid growth in podcasts audiences. As a result, podcasts are a necessity in your content marketing strategy.
  • Trust: Most podcast listeners trust podcasts more than they do traditional mediums like radio and TV. In addition, hearing your voice on podcasts helps build more trust than your blog post could ever create.
  • Engagement: Having a podcast is an excellent way to intimately engage with your prospects, staff, and clients. It is also a way to establish your brand in your industry.
  • Convenience: Audio content is convenient for consumers as they can multitask while listening to your podcast. A study by Ranieri and Co shows 49% of people listen to podcasts at home, 8% while exercising, 11% at work, and 22% while driving. Based on these numbers, you can create a significant podcast listener base as it is a convenient medium for most listeners when done well.
  • Increase the value and size of your network: You can significantly expand your network, especially if you hold interviews on your podcast. It is an excellent platform to leverage and reach out to people you wouldn’t reach out to if you didn’t have the podcast.
  • Promote your brand: Having a podcast is an excellent way to promote your services or products. Mention them in the different episodes or include a call to action asking listeners to visit your website to learn more.
  • Easy to maintain: Podcasts do not consume too much of your time when you publish them once every week. It is especially easier when you plan your content. For instance, you can choose to record several episodes in a day, depending on your format.

How Do I Start a Podcast?

While it takes time to create a high-quality podcast, an in-house studio lets us be in control over your podcast’s end quality. Leduc Entertainment is a podcast agency offering you New Orleans podcast production services from beginning to end. These include the process of developing a strategy to create a high-quality podcast.

We also help you with the post production process, including editing the podcast, enhancing sound, distribution, and growing your audience. We work with you collaboratively to attain your goals. We also use cutting-edge equipment to ensure we help you produce the best quality audio and high-standard audio.

Here is a general outline of how to start a podcast:

Identify Your Goals and Topic

When choosing a subject for your podcast, it is crucial to select one that best fits your skills and interests. It is also essential to know the primary goals behind making the podcast.  People create podcasts for various reasons. These include sharing information on an important topic, audience engagement, or brand awareness.

At Leduc Entertainment, we help you identify your goals and develop a topic that resonates with your business. We work collaboratively to develop a podcasting strategy that will align with your goals. Having a great understanding of your ideas and goals guides us in helping you produce the best podcast with our New Orleans podcast production services.

Listen to Other Podcasts About Your Chosen Topic

We listen to some of the best podcasts that focus on your topic of choice. Doing so allows us to learn about the content that works for your target audience.

Other than listening to their episodes, we check the average length of their episodes and read reviews. This information helps guide your topic and also helps you talk about other things that similar podcasts have not covered.

Develop Your Discussion Style

There are different types of podcasts, including monologues, interview talk shows, and non-fiction narratives. We will help you choose your style, and you get to decide if you will be the only host or if you will have a co-host. It would also help determine how long you want the episodes to be and the number of episodes for the first season.

Choose the Podcast’s Title

After developing your discussion style, choose a title for your podcast. It will help if you make it straightforward. We include keywords that will help your SEO, making it easier for new listeners to discover the podcast based on its name.

SEO is vital for any form of marketing and can help you stand out in your industry.

Write a Script or Outline

We will help you write down a few show notes based on your podcasting style or we can have our copywriters formulate a more focused script. Having a template of the talking points helps keep you on track, whether you are conducting an interview or doing a monologue.

It will be best to have an intro that welcomes listeners to the show and an outro with a call to action to subscribe and leave a review.

Record Audio

We will start recording your episode, and you can use the show notes you wrote down as a guideline. If you are a first-time podcaster, getting used to being behind a microphone may take time. You can take breaks if you need to and have a glass of water nearby. All in all, we use the latest recording equipment to ensure we help you record high-quality audio for your New Orleans podcast production services.

Prepare the Podcast for Distribution

It is essential to write down a brief description of your podcast with helpful keywords for your SEO. Leduc Entertainment helps you develop the cover art image and ensure we save it in the appropriate file size.

Market Your Podcast

At Leduc Entertainment, we help you market your podcast across different social media platforms. Consider inviting podcasters with overlapping interests to co-host an episode, upload new episodes consistently, and engage with your listeners on online groups.

At Leduc Entertainment, we don’t just help you record your podcast and leave the rest to you. On the contrary, we are involved throughout the process. We help you find ways to reach potential listeners and ensure you establish a reliable release schedule.

Besides helping you market your podcast, we also analyze the podcasts after release to determine how effective your message is and who is listening.

Why Should I Hire Leduc Entertainment to Produce My Podcast?

Podcasting has grown in popularity, and more people are starting a podcast for various reasons. However, most people fail to realize that podcasting is more than having equipment and pressing the record button.

There are several vital aspects to podcasting, and among the vital ones is working with a producer. At Leduc Entertainment, we are a professional podcast production company.

We will help you prepare and plan your podcast content and offer you our professional recording studio. After capturing the crisp and clear sound you need, we will edit and engineer the audio on your behalf.

We will also help you establish a regular podcast publishing schedule on a platform that best suits your content. At Leduc Entertainment, we make the process of bringing your podcast to life more straightforward.

Here is why you should hire Leduc Entertainment New Orleans podcast production services to produce your podcast:

Professional Team

It is impossible to produce a great podcast if you have no prior experience or the right tools. You get a whole production team when you hire Leduc to produce your podcast.

These include an audio engineer, strategist/creative thinker, an editor, and a chase producer. You don’t have to think about filling the roles for your podcast, as our team will help bring everything together.


Hiring Leduc Entertainment to produce your podcast is more affordable than doing it yourself. We have a studio and high-end gear and equipment that ensure you capture clear and crisp audio, making you sound professional.

Investing in a studio, the right equipment, and in-house personnel can be very costly. Procuring our services will help you cut back on all these costs.


Besides helping you develop an audio strategy and record your podcast, Leduc Entertainment also enables you to market your podcast. Therefore, you do not have to think about hiring a marketing team.

Competitive Prices

We offer our clients competitive prices to help them produce their podcasts. With the deliverables we offer, you are guaranteed to get value for your money.


Leduc Entertainment has experience producing podcasts, so you can be sure that we will help you create a high-quality podcast. Our New Orleans podcast production services produce successful, professional, and quality podcasts.


We work with our clients collaboratively from the start to finish of the project. We do everything to ensure your podcast’s goals are fulfilled while letting you take charge.

Leduc Entertainment team in meeting with clients discussing podcast plan concept of New Orleans podcast production services

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Podcasting allows you to establish authority with your target audience. With the right help, podcasting can be an excellent opportunity to develop a listener base quickly and increase conversion.

Leduc Entertainment can help you kick start and launch a successful podcasting career. Our professional New Orleans podcast production services will help make podcasting less complicated. So let us help share your story.

Call us 504-451-3061 today, and let us help you inject authenticity and personality into your campaign, project, or brand.