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Photography is often taken for granted: and yet, when marketers focus on it, photography can add a whole new creative dimension to a brand in all aspects. It is known to improve website content, engage the audience, improve blog posts, help a brand stand out on social media platforms, and much more. For this reason, visual content is king. Visual content is essential to the success of a channel, even though it does not have a huge impact on search engine ranking.

Photography tells a story while breathing life into your website, social media marketing, and advertising. If you need New Orleans photography services for your marketing campaign, you need us. We understand the demands and benefits of photography in marketing. We offer unique and personalized service that will benefit your need, budget, and brand only.

Through our superstar team, we will turn your advertising budgets into profit. It is our task to change the script on your social media marketing. Remember, every brand has a story to tell, and it is important to tell that story to your customer base. There is no other way to express that story other than through Leduc Entertainment, and we are based in New Orleans. To share your message with your target audience effectively, call us today at 504-451-3061.

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What is Advertising Photography?

Advertising photography is defined as a specialized art of taking images for the sole use in advertising campaigns. The images that also be used in other various communication needed in a brand.

Anytime you look at an advertisement, what is the first thing that catches your eye? Of course, the answer is the image. In other words, the image within the ad determines whether the viewer will continue to sturdy the ad, get more details about it, or ignore it.

For this reason, an advertising photo should be of high quality, attractive, and deliver a message through customer engagement with the ad. This is achieved through many effective solutions that leverage the innate power of photo advertising.

Advertising photography offers many benefits that include:

  • Passing on a message quickly
  • Carrying the brand
  • The potential of viral
  • Inspire purchasing decisions
  • Very affordable to shoot

Why is Good Photography Important in Building a Brand?

A picture is worth a thousand words – this is a saying that is widely known and true. To better understand the worth of an image, let us first go through the numbers to build a strong case.

Since visuals are attractive to the eye, this is the number one reason why billboards still exist. On the other hand, since advertising is primarily about visual media, content marketing is now on the rise. This is visible or can be proven by the way we browse for information today. When looking for information online about something, you will find images accompanying the content. This makes it attractive to the audience.

According to a report by Cision, press releases with photos received 1.4 more views compared to those with text only. However, those with videos earned 2.9 views more. This has made visuals on social media a hot ticket. Images on social media get 352% more engagement compared to links. This means that when there is no visual or image, there is no incentive for a ‘click’.

According to Adobe Survey, which was collected back in 2018; 16% of survey participants (who are web users) mentioned that they get annoyed when they find content without images or video. According to this survey, 41% of participants rated beautiful imagery as a characteristic of a positive experience. 44% of the participants ignored reading content if the image was not loading correctly.

According to a B2C marketers survey, which was collected in 2019 by the Content Marketing Institute; 63% mentioned that they have increased the use of images in their campaigns compared to previous years. 56% of B2B of content marketers mentioned that they have taken similar steps in a separate CMI poll.

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With this in mind, the million-dollar question is; why is good photography important in building a brand?

Well, it is important for several reasons:

  • Increase engagement
  • Photos inspire brand loyalty
  • Appeal to emotion
  • Allow the audience to know you and your brand
  • Foster real connection
  • Breeds brand familiarity
  • Conveys tone
  • Convey importance
  • Photos carry a branding
  • Help a brand to go viral
  • Lend credibility
  • An image can help you get found on the web through SEO
  • Relay importance

How Can I Use Photography in Marketing and Advertising?

There are several ways photography can be used in marketing and advertisements. All the use comes down to the benefits that photography offers to a business. A business can use photography in marketing and advertising in the following ways:

Social Media Marketing

Social media have become a powerful tool for businesses and marketers. Social media platforms are the best places to interact with potential and existing customers, increase brand awareness, and have testimonials; which is a powerful asset for a business to build trust. A good social media presence can increase your brand profit. In fact, according to research, social media offers a high ROI through the marketing funnel. However, to have an impact on social media platforms, you need brand photos and videos. You need to find ways to attract the audience to your page.

Email Campaigns

According to recent findings (2022), over 4.03 billion people in the world own and use email often. This number is expected to grow to as high as 4.48 billion by the end of 2024. To a business marketer, this is a huge number of potential customers. An email has over a 90.3% penetration rate among US internet users. This is a huge number compared to social media users; which is about 72% of adults in the US.

Text Campaigns

With the improvement of communication technology, text campaigns have increased in popularity. That is because today it is possible to send out a photo as text. This has opened doors to the possibility of text campaigns. The best thing about text marketing campaigns is that they are effective and can be personalized. It is effective in maintaining existing customers.


According to Google reports, mobile-based web searches result in a high conversion rate. That is because many people use their mobile phones to search the web before making any purchase. However, although this is the case, people rely on photos to identify the product or service they need. This is why many brands are relying on photography to boost traffic on their website with the aim of having a high conversion rate.

Print Media (articles, brochures, posters, billboards, etc.)

Although many printed media are considered old-school such as brochures, they are still an effective method of marketing or advertising a brand. A good printed media should contain a good quality image to be effective. In fact, when it comes to printed media, the number of images should be more compared to words, according to experts.

Online Blogs and Articles

A business can use New Orleans photography services in their online blogs and articles. Photos and illustrations make blog posts more appealing and help you get the message across. This is vital, especially when you are sharing your posts through social media platforms. Images play an important role when explaining a point or describing something in your blog or article.

What Types of New Orleans Photography Services Does Leduc Entertainment Provide?

We offer various New Orleans photography services to our clients. Our services are geared towards improving your marketing campaigns and ensuring it goes hand in hand with what you are looking for. At Leduc Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being the best in all matters that pertain to video production services and images. That is because we have a team of experts who know what is needed in today’s competitive markets.

We offer the following types of services:

  • Office shots
  • Headshot photography (owners and/or employees)
  • Lifestyle content
  • Product photography
  • Real estate photography (architectural and drone)

For the best New Orleans photography services, contact us.

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If You’re Looking for a Professional and Creative New Orleans Photography Services, Call Leduc Entertainment

If you are looking for photographs for your business website, printed media, or other marketing campaigns, you need professional New Orleans photography services of a professional photographing company. At Leduc Entertainment, we offer these services. We work within your budget and ensure you get a high-quality outcome, based on your need. Our highly experienced and professional team will turn your advertising budget into profits.

To make this possible, we have a unique approach – We Like to Think Your Business as a Movie. How does this work? Well, every brand has a story behind it. This story is important to your customer. For this reason, we will work towards sharing that message with your targeted audience through photography.

Remember, photos are worth a thousand words. Therefore, you need to convey your message effectively through our New Orleans photography services. We will treat your business as a movie and work effortlessly to turn your message into a “blockbuster” to your consumers. To speak to us, call us at 504-451-3061. Our experienced team is ready to work for you or answer any questions you may have.