What is a demo reel?

A demo reel is a compilation of your work that shows your range in two minutes or less. It’s like an audition without a script. The goal is to make it look film-like so that an agent or casting director can see what you look like on camera—because some people look great in person and horrible on camera and vice versa.  


LEDUC REELS  started to get a lot of calls for demo reels; they’re in pretty high demand because no one else is doing them. We have all the scripts, we have the actors, location, crew, we’ll direct it, so all you have to do is show up with your wardrobe. We’ll take care of the editing and everything else.

As an actor, do you really need a reel, or is this just another frivolous expense to add to the cost of being an actor in 2017?

The short answer is, an acting reel is all but essential – now more than ever. What’s the point again?

  • An acting reel promotes you as an actor by creating an audience reaction that helps people remember and understand your type, brand, and skill.
  • An acting reel shows off, and builds, your image while entertaining your audience. Packaging, branding, media, and image are everything in the film business.
  • An acting reel opens the doors in order to get more work.  You can tell me you're a good actor but the proof is in the pudding.  If you want more acting work then you need a professional reel.

What are the benefits of a demo reel?

You have the opportunity to showcase your best performances and let others see what you look like on film. Many actors starting out get a lot of one-liners, and you don’t want to put those on your reel because they only last two seconds. But with a demo reel you can show off your range of work with a quality production, and show an agent or casting director what you would look like on TV or film. Instead of doing a monologue with a screen in the back, it’s a real scene. Reels are as essential to your career as a resume or a headshot.  

The bottom line: If you want more exposure for your acting career, a good reel can help you solidify the look, feel and tone of your image such that your followers will be able to say Yeah: that’s why I love that artist. It can promote you in places you can’t physically go, and put your work into the hands of people who want to pay for it.


  • Choose your Script / Write An Original Script!
  • Choose your Location
  • Choose your Date
  • Cast your Scene Partner
  • 60-90 Minutes/Scene Shoot Time
  • High Definition Picture & Sound
  • Full Editing Services: Logging, Sound Sync, Editing
  • Mastering: Color Correction, Audio & Dialogue Cleaning, Music Arrangement
  • All Final Scenes are delivered digitally in High Definition (HD) & Standard Definition

LEDUC REELS is a team of experienced filmmakers, writers, graphic designers, editors, composers and visual effects artists.
From concept to completion, we provide an all in-house solution to creating stunning video content.