What is Leduc Entertainment? 
Leduc Entertainment is the product of a conversation that started one night among friends in the film industry- how to apply our unique skill set in a changing economic environment to help locally-owned businesses in New Orleans survive and thrive. Starting a business is easy, staying afloat in a fast-growing and competitive marketplace with new technology and social media sites changing the landscape constantly is not. After decades of work in the film industry we decided to start a new company with a target initiative of promoting people and products we felt deserved attention. We started making phone calls and before we knew it Leduc Entertainment was up and running.
Our passion for perfection has led to greater sales and wider audience recognition for every business we’ve filmed for. We are blessed with the enormous pleasure of having worked with everyone from highly paid professional actors and performers to small family-owned businesses that started from scratch just like we did. We are constantly pursuing new, innovative approaches but always with the purpose of creating a lasting impact. Our goal at Leduc Entertainment, simply put, is to capture your vision and help you move forward.